About St. Peter’s Free Clinic

St. Peter’s Free Clinic opened on September 10, 2002, an outreach ministry of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church.  Services offered include seeing a clinic provider, assistance with medication, urgent care needs, and referral to other resources within our community.

In the spirit of Christ, St. Peter’s Free Clinic welcomes all people of Hillsdale County who are uninsured, or underinsured, for the purpose of providing health care services, prescription drug assistance and health education.

Eligibility Information


  1.  Must be ages 19-64;
  2.  Must be a resident of Hillsdale County;
  3.  Individual, or families, living at or below 250% of the Federal Poverty guidelines, adjusted annual, based on family size; and
  4. Have no medical insurance or inadequate coverage for the services needed.


  •  Individuals with Medicaid, Medicare, or Veteran’s Assistance.
  •  Individuals suffering from work-related injuries involving Workmen’s Comp.
  •  Individuals seeking controlled substances or weight loss medication.
  •  Individuals seeking work or sports physicals.
  •  The clinic may provide short-term assistance to those awaiting approval for Medicaid, Medicare or other assistance.

Hours of Operation

Tuesdays starting @ 5pm, you must be checked in by 6pm to be seen.

Monday, 9am – 5pm
Tuesday, 9am until the clinic closes in evening
Wednesday, 9am – 12pm

Patient Testimonials

"Without this program it’s very likely I may have had a heart attack, stroke or even died.  I was refused service by 3 doctor offices after learning my blood pressure was 240/147 during a physical for a job.
St. Peter’s was the only one to help me."

"It got me my meds every day that I need and they have always been respectful here.  They do not treat me any differently.  If they want to improve they should be open more than once a week."

"It made my medication to control my seizures affordable. The monthly cost was putting my parents at a great expense, and it really helped me and my family."